henry whiteUp until last year (2015) I was on the lookout for some of the top diamond distributors in Los Angeles. I wasn’t looking for just any company that sold diamonds. I wanted to focus on finding the types of sellers that actually know their product and have a true passion for what they do.

Since there are so many individuals out there today that just seek to make that next sale, instead of actually building some rapport and showing that they actually know their stuff. I feel that it is vital for business owners in the diamond and jewelry selling business to actually be passionate about what they do and to show it when presenting a customer with an item that is sitting on their shelves.

I always have found it interesting how one needs to always seek a second opinion on things. Especially when it comes to investing in something so pricey as a diamond ring. You don’t want to just know that you aren’t getting ripped off on that diamond. But you also want to be certain that the person that is selling you that diamond is also giving you top of the line customer service. After all, that is the least that they can do for you since you are looking to invest so much into a small rock that shines so brightly. And that your soon to be spouse wants on their finger so that they can show it off to their friends.

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